Spiritual Botany Magazine

Connecting Plants, Environment and Spirituality

 “Plants are the strongest link between nature and humans and perhaps the best medium for understanding the expression of spirituality”  ... Praveen Saxena, Editor


Spiritual Botany: The Science of Plants in Consciousness and Enlightenment

Plants are the mainstay of human life. We receive most of our food, clothes, and homes from plants, interact with tens of thousands of their chemicals every day, yet we often remain unaware of the unique power of plants in enriching our life experiences. The Spiritual Botany magazine will explore the relationships between plants and people from the perspective of plants as the mediators and modulators of the human mind. The magazine aims to serve as a medium to express and bring together the scientific and philosophical views on plants and plant-based practices that may influence our consciousness, enlightenment and wellness as well as the sustainability of natural resources. In the context of spiritual botany, the complex phenomena of consciousness, enlightenment and spirituality entail the journey of the discovery and awareness of the self as influenced by plants. Themes of submissions may include the ability of plants to manipulate and inspire people’s mind, the uses of plants in research on medicine, meditation, and the scientific basis of consciousness and spirituality as well as issues of plant extinction and conservation (see Instructions to Authors).

Submissions may be in the form of essays, commentaries, inspirational passages, photo essays, videos or research reports (see Guidelines).  All submissions should include a short biography of each author and a recent photograph (optional). The editorial team will review all submissions for suitability of the content. There is no page fee or publication cost for publishing in the Spiritual Botany magazine.

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